Watching “The Last Dalai Lama” at the annual Mill Valley Film Festival at the Larks Theater, Larkspur, California


What an enlightening evening it was last night to watch The Last Dalai – Lama at The Larks as one of Mill Valley film festivals movies of 2016.

The Dalai Lama’s contribution is as one of the most spiritual beings living on this planet. I am moved by his compassion towards the killings of other Tibetan Buddhist monks by the soldiers of Communist China, inspired by his tolerance and patience as he negotiated with Mao of China not to invade Tibet, and touched by his calmness as he watched the death of young Tibetan monks by burning themselves to send the people of the world the message of their suffering under the Communist Regime.


Mill Valley Festival is well acclaimed as one of the best films festival in the United States.  Other than movies, there are famous guest actors and actresses and world-renowned musician who grace us with their presence within a weeks time here in Marin County. Not only are these well chosened award-winning films shown at The Lark , they may be shown at the Christopher B Smith theater in San Rafael, the Sequoia in Mill Valley, and the Fairfax theater in Fairfax California. Seeing the film in the classic Lark theater has me reminisce of the days gone by. One of my favorite actors Aaron Eckhart is coming to speak to a crowd of people. Hopefully I can buy tickets to see him.  

After watching “The last Dalai Lama,” it put me in perspective. I am inspired and on my path to sit, be still and meditate so I feel centered again.

Link to “The Last Dalai Lama” trailer:




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