Happy Hour at Pig and Whistle, Geary Boulevard in San Francisco


Happy Hour at the Pig and Whistle

One of the best pubs in the San Francisco Bay Area.. The members of Bay Area Singles Meet Up spent a very Happy Hour at “The Pig and Whistle on Geary in San Francisco Ca. Draft beers at $3.50 during happy hour 4pm to 6pm daily.. and please make sure to try the ales from around the world.

Happy Hour at The Pig and Whistle, San Francisco, California
Brit’s at The Pig And Whistle

An English style pub atmosphere. I recommend the following bar foods: the Cornish pasty, spicy buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers and shepherds pie. A couple of the bar foods were garnished with a small portion of salad which was delicious as well… Two of the ladies tried the crispy and flavor full fish and chips.

While we were there, we met the Irish and English Social Club meet up.  This made our entire group that much more fun! Thanks to their organizer, we found this delightful English pub with.

The Pig And Whistle is an exceptional value for your money, I need to try the traditional hamburger or bangers and mash next time.  I will bring my members again in this fine establishment known not only for its food, beers and ales but for its service and it’s busy bar filled with the natives of the mother land.

Their Own website states:

“Have you ever been into a Bar, asked for a pint of Guinness only to be dismayed by the sloppy half hearted effort the Bartender puts into building the black stuff? At the Pig and Whistle the staff are trained to pour Guinness the correct way. From using a 20 ounce Guinness glass to allowing the Stout to sit for a while after pouring 2/3rd’s, to topping it off with a nice white creamy head raised just above the rim . We pour one of the best Guinness’ in San Francisco. We also sell a lot of Guinness, so your certain to be drinking from a fresh keg every time.”

Cornish Pasty
One of The Pig and Whistle’s tasty bar foods..


I’d be interested what great experiences you all shared last time you visited The Pig And Whistle on Geary.  Please share in the comments below.