Sipping Tea and Listening to Local Talents at Wu Wei Temple, Fairfax, Ca

One of my favorite end of the week events to relax here in Marin county, North of San Francisco is sipping tea and to listen to the performances of local artists. From the poetry to  music, you canexperience a whole array of sights and sounds with a Bohemian setting. Musical instruments played includes an electric guitar, a mandolin, a ukulele, a trumpet, a trombone, and many other instruments is not only entertaining but it is also very calming to your nerves.

There’s wonderful talent in Marin and what more to veg out with a soothing cup of tea at the kava kava bar and listen to the sonds and instruments played by  local talents of the area. I was here to taste their tea elixirs such as the kava kava, the luv tea and other. It was definitely delicious.


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