How to see a live band at the Marin Art and Gardens, Ross, CA

Can’t imagine a traveler going to San Francisco and not experiencing Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge especially during the summer. Freebies.. YES… at the Marin Art and Garden in Ross, California. During the summer “The Marin Art and Gardens (MAGC)” has a concert series.  In order for  you to enjoy the band make sure you come 30 minutes to stake out an area next to the stage and save your spot with a picnic blanket. Bring a picnic basket as well along with some vino and WOW what a great way to spend a couple of hours surrounded by lush and beautiful vegetation and an awesome band… Can’t get better than that. I usually take my Singles and Music group to this venue religiously on a weekly basis..

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It’s totally free. The Concert is between 5 and 7pm.. If you want a full dinner, there are 2 different restaurant caterers offered each week during the show…. if you don’t want to bother to bring your own food. This is as good as it gets.

There are other events and activities at MAGC and if you are coming as a group please call them because they can tour your group and learn more about this beautiful park.


MAGC guidelines if you decide to visit this fantabulous garden in Marin County:

visitor guidelines

In any case, the 2017 musical band extravaganza began with one of our favorite local bands: Loran Rowan’s Rattlebox Classic. We have mentioned  Loran Rowan earlier in this blog and really you can’t miss his performance. He is one of our favorites in my hometown.

I’ve seen Loran perform in different place throughout Marin  including our home concerts. We hired Loran to play several times in our private meet up.

I will post the restaurants and events as Rowan performance throughout the North bay. I also posted and blogged about him in this blog. Loran Rowan not only plays with his merry band ” The Rattlebox,” he also partner up with his brother Chris ( The Rowan Brothers). Loran has played at Iron Springs brewery, Fairfax, Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, Panama Hotel, San Rafael, The Trident, Sausalito and of course,  our meet up group Bay Area Singles 35+ and Live Music Marin Meet Up. Noted are just a few places you can experience the tunes of Loran. He’s an exceptional musician.

In any case, the last two Thursdays our merry little band has experienced other phenomenal artist including the following :

  1. The Schrammtastics

  1. Zydeco Flames (New Orleans Funk)

I have to admit Zydeco Flames is just what the doctor ordered. Our music luvah group got their endorphins going. Love this band and I highly recommend seeing them this summer .. if not experience them next year if you are coming to the bay area.. They are hot.. hot.. hot…





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