Listening to Lorin Rowan – Local Band in Fairfax, California

Fairfax, as you know, is known for being  Greatful Dead’s home and the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority. It boast an excellent community grocery called Good Earth. The hub bub of this quiant town. Located 3.25 miles (5.2 km) west-northwest of San Rafael, one of the main road…Bolinas Avenue in downtown Fairfax has a couple of blocks filled with local restaurants and bars. Indeed, Iron Springs is highly recommended. This local brewing company called Iron Springs show talented musicians for free every Wednesday night. You can’t go wrong… The brews has an excellent taste… This evening our group listened to Lorin Rowan and Band.  We pampered ourselves by listening to the beat of this legendary local artist.  This evening, Lorin performed the music of ‘Rattlebox’ featuring his finger pickin’ acoustic roots/Americana in folk/rock and world music.

.. Lorin is known as one of the best band we hire for our house concerts. Being a meet up organizer for the last 9 years. I began with Bay Area Link up and migrated  to Meet Up as a host. I’ve chosen many of the musical venues to post on my Music Live North Bay Meet Up. Hosting an event and blogging about the places and activities for our group to attendd has its perks… I get to blog about the venues we watch.

I find that “Meet Up”  is an excellent way to create community. Bringing a group of singles together who want to meet a friend or to perhaps find a partner, is a good way to pamper yourself after a gruelling day at work. 

The weather is mild, getting the hottest at 4pm. We are at the end of our Indian Summer. This has brought us together to enjoy end of the summer in Marin County, Fairfax is North of San Francisco, a true gem. You can beat the heat by visiting us up here in Marin across the Golden Gate bridge.. on the way to the wine country of Napa and Sonoma… 


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