Groove To The Music of Lorin Rowan… One of Our Favorite Local Bands in Fairfax, California

Fairfax, as you know, is known for being  Grateful Dead’s home and the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority. It boast an excellent community grocery called Good Earth. The hub bub of this quaint town. Located 3.25 miles (5.2 km) west-northwest of San Rafael is on the main road…..Bolinas Avenue in downtown Fairfax is filled with local restaurants and bars. I highly recommend this local brewing company which show talented musicians for free every Wednesday night.  The beers has an excellent taste and some has won awards…   We pampered ourselves by listening to the beat of Lorin Rowan, local artist.  Lorin performed the music of ‘Rattlebox’ featuring his finger pickin’ acoustic roots/Americana in folk/rock and world music.


 Lorin is known as one of the best band we hire for our house concerts. Being a meet up organizer for the last 9 years, I have chosen many of the musical venues to post on my Music Live North Bay Meet Up. Hosting an event and blogging about the places and activities for our group to attend has its perks… Not only do I experience these events with my social meet ups, I will blog about these music afficionados.
I find  “Meet Up”  an excellent way to create community. Bringing a group of singles together who want to make new friends, established old ones or find a partner, is a good way to socialize and  pamper yourself after a gruelling day at work.
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Author: Jocee

As a certified tour director, event planner, artists, and healer, I am a trained tour guide that have planned and executed tours in the SF Bay Area, Northern California and Southern California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and The Monterey Peninsula. Furthermore, I am social networker, who has planned at least 800 events in the SF Bay Area. Examples of my planned events and activities include dinners, shows, comedies, theater and happy hours throughout the Northern California. I also planned spiritual retreats, cultural and musical events since 2006. Having traveled internationally and domestically since 1997, I will additionally write about my tour experience in spiritual and sacred places as well as show you the art and cultural life in many towns and cities throughout the world. You will be attending the art and cultural venues.In addition, tours and oil painting classes will be available for you to attend to help those that are interested in this fine art. You will experience oil painting and drawing at the breathtaking countryside or cityscape of Europe. As a California girl since the age of 8, I will guide your stay and explore the state of Calfornia, Nevada, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park), Montana, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada,Washington. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusette, Stay and find remote and beautiful places with me as an international traveler. You will find information in this website and receive insights of spiritual and sacred places in areas of the world such as the Philippines but its dance, music and the art Culture of the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada and France. I will continue planning trips around the world and come with me for at least three months in Europe and see and plan our travel to the European country of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Spain, Portugal, France, Amsterdam, Denmark, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In addition, I will continue my journey to the East to the island of The Philippines, Singapore and Japan a second time. Making may way to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Australia, and New Zealand the trip will be exciting, Indeed, you will benefit and begin your journey with me not only to paint explore the landscapes and historical cities and towns of Europe, but also to journey to the Orient and South America.

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