Hiking and Exploring Lake Tahoe North Shore: Home of the The Woshoe Indians

An incredible find, my boyfriend Mark spent 3 days exploring North Shore, Truckee and Donner Region of Lake Tahoe. Indeed, we were lucky enough to find a cabin in the  Donner/Truckee area because a John a member of my meet up reserved a 3 room cabin. We were able to explore Tahoe City and the Donner area. We were lucky to to find accomodations. 

What we learned about the the first people of the lake was eye opening. Da ow ga, the word “lake” is the area visited by three bands of  Woshoe Indians.The Lake has special spiritual meaning to the Woshoe. They held sacred ceremonies on the South shore of the Lake.

About The First Inhabitants  of Lake Tahoe:

The Lake Yahoe region has a very interesting history. As we learned, The Woshoe Indians  inhabited Lake Tahoe and 10,000 square miles of land surrounding the lake and lost their land on December 31, 1862 due to encroachment by miners, settlers, and others with the help of the US government. The Washoe Indian’s existence at Lake Tahoe centered on fishing camps and milling sites. Their origins of Washoe Indian’s life dates 2,000 years back which musch earlier than Sierra and Great Basin Indian culture. Unrelated to language of other tribes, the Washoe Indians, unlike other Indian tribes refers to Lake Tahoe as their homeland without referring to migrate from other worlds.  

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