An Evening With Mr. Jonathan Poretz at Osterio Divino, Mill Valley, California

Through the years, I have experienced the sights and sounds of Jonathan Poretz  from a sold-out crowd at Lucy Mercer’s Throckmorton theater in Mill Valley to the his intimate venue in a Florentine restaurant called Ostoria Divino’s in Sausalito, north of the Golden gate Bridge.

They call him Mr. “Sex, Swagger and Swing”  with a tightly arranged, expertly narrated, and beautifully sung tributes to two of the vocal masters ..idols of his youth, Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin. 

Always a memorable experience listening to Jonathan.. When we arrived, I was approach by Jonathan’s father Arthur, who is absolutely proud of his son. For good reason, Arthur can’t get enough bragging rights.  Through the years I’ve known Arthur as Jonathan’s number one fan, both father and son are quite Dynamo. I first met them years ago when my friend Jake Costa introduced me to Jonathan, and I was as mesmerized  by the sound of his voice. He does an excellent job singing not only songs by Frank Sinatra but also Bobby Darin. Of course there are other singers of the past and the band that plays along with his performance are just as polished as Mr. Poretz.  

To experience the sound of Frank Sinatra through the voice of Jonathan is truly something to remember. 

My Meetup brought seven member together to exprience this phenomenal artist and the night that we did  we requested Jonathan to sing his rendition of Mac tonight. It was magical. Time and time again I  introduce my 1200 members group ( Bay Area Singles 35+ and Live Music Marin Meet Up)  to see his performance. Mac The Knife by Bobby Darin is certainly my favorite song that I love to hear Jonathan sing.

More importantly when I come to see Jonathan Poretz, I always noticed a growing entourage of fans.  Of course there is his wife Bobbi and Dad who try not to miss a performance.  But there are also fans who is actually a good friends of Frank Sinatra’s and can’t get enough of Mr. Swing, Swagger and Roll.  We all seam to love these songs, and Jonathan does a fantastic job of bringing us back to days gone by as we listened to the sounds of the packrat in Las Vegas.

Speaking of Mr. International, Jonathan has travelled as far away as Germany to sing songs with other singers who impersonate the packrat ( Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin). Just wished I was there to experience it.

 I can’t wait to bring my dad to see Jonathan. My dad actually sang  the songs  of Sinatra and Darin on my wedding day at The Carmel Mission Ranch. My dad used to sing on occasions at the piano bar in the Mission Ranch. He tended bar for Clint Eastwood.  Indeed,  my dad has that Swing, Swagger and Sway and I cannot wait to have him enjoy the performance of  Mr. Poretz.

” Jonathan singing Mac the Night at the Nikko Hotel, San Francisco!”

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