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There are many Thai restaurants in Marin County and my favorites is a restaurant at the Strawberry Village Shopping Center called Thep Lela Thai. Jenny, my waitress recommended many items in the menu particulary the sliced barbecue pork loin marinated with honey. Marinated in sweet-and-sour plum sauce, this savory BBQ pork is a favorite with the locals of the area. Furthermore, Thep Lela Thai’s chefs always prepares their food with beautifully  garnished  vegetables which only enhances your culinary  experienced.  which on only ience t garnished their food because it adds to the culinary experience.

"The Best BBQ Pork in Marin County, North of San Franciscot!"
“The Best BBQ Pork in Marin County, North of San Franciscot!”

Thep Lela Thai is tucked behind Strawberry Village in the town of Mill Valley….. right off Highway 101. It is past Sausalito on the way to the wine country. Mill Valley is the next town down after Sausalito which you will see as soon as you drive through the Golden gate Bridge.

a_010Our waitress Jenny described to me some of the favorite foods the locals eat from the menu which includes:

the mild yellow curry 

hot green curries

The yellow and green curries are the favorites but you can always order mild, medium or hot.

The last time I was here for lunch, I had the pad basil (spicy) chicken basil garlic chili sauce with mixed vegetable. In both occasions brown rice was served which look more life  wild rice to me. I will certainly order it time and time again.

Indeed, please order the pad basil mixture of tofu, chicken, pork, beef, praws, calamari or duck  and seafood combo. Its one of the best in the menu.

In addition, Jenny asked the manager of Thep Lela Thai to speak to me  because I wanted to gather more the history of this 40-year-old restaurant.

 Other foods that are recommended by Jenny on the menu includes the following:

Duck salad is favorite. The papaya salad is just as good specially for a vegetarian. The mango salad is not as good in this time of year because mango is out of season. The mango is too sour and salty.

Jennifer also recommends Yum Yai another favorite which include prawns, chicken, lettuce tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped peanuts with house dressing. Creamy dressing are drizzled on the prawns and chicken which is placed on top of the lettuce.

As for soup Tom Ka is the favorite. It is  a coconut soup with mushrooms, cilantro, onions. You have a choice of chicken and tofu…

Please note that a choice of the chicken, vegetable or beef is the basis for all the salad, soup or entrees presented on this menu.

As far as appetizers, Jennifer recommends the tuna wasabe, chicken satay and the fresh roll which is all vegetable.

In addition to the regular menu, there is the chef special which the local loves to order again and again. The mango snapper, lamb rack and the Penang beef (medium) from the regular menu ranks up there, too.

This is as good as it gets for a Thai food and has won awards for their restaurant.



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