Happy Hour at Pig and Whistle, Geary Boulevard in San Francisco


Happy Hour at the Pig and Whistle

One of the best pubs in the San Francisco Bay Area.. The members of Bay Area Singles Meet Up spent a very Happy Hour at “The Pig and Whistle on Geary in San Francisco Ca. Draft beers at $3.50 during happy hour 4pm to 6pm daily.. and please make sure to try the ales from around the world.

Happy Hour at The Pig and Whistle, San Francisco, California
Brit’s at The Pig And Whistle

An English style pub atmosphere. I recommend the following bar foods: the Cornish pasty, spicy buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers and shepherds pie. A couple of the bar foods were garnished with a small portion of salad which was delicious as well… Two of the ladies tried the crispy and flavor full fish and chips.

While we were there, we met the Irish and English Social Club meet up.  This made our entire group that much more fun! Thanks to their organizer, we found this delightful English pub with.

The Pig And Whistle is an exceptional value for your money, I need to try the traditional hamburger or bangers and mash next time.  I will bring my members again in this fine establishment known not only for its food, beers and ales but for its service and it’s busy bar filled with the natives of the mother land.

Their Own website states:

“Have you ever been into a Bar, asked for a pint of Guinness only to be dismayed by the sloppy half hearted effort the Bartender puts into building the black stuff? At the Pig and Whistle the staff are trained to pour Guinness the correct way. From using a 20 ounce Guinness glass to allowing the Stout to sit for a while after pouring 2/3rd’s, to topping it off with a nice white creamy head raised just above the rim . We pour one of the best Guinness’ in San Francisco. We also sell a lot of Guinness, so your certain to be drinking from a fresh keg every time.”

Cornish Pasty
One of The Pig and Whistle’s tasty bar foods..


I’d be interested what great experiences you all shared last time you visited The Pig And Whistle on Geary.  Please share in the comments below.


Watching “The Last Dalai Lama” at the annual Mill Valley Film Festival at the Larks Theater, Larkspur, California



What an enlightening evening it was last night to watch The Last Dalai – Lama at The Larks as one of Mill Valley film festivals movies of 2016.


The Dalai Lama’s contribution is as one of the most spiritual beings living on this planet. I am moved by his compassion towards the killings of other Tibetan Buddhist monks by the soldiers of Communist China, inspired by his tolerance and patience as he negotiated with Mao of China not to invade Tibet, and touched by his calmness as he watched the death of young Tibetan monks by burning themselves to send the people of the world the message of their suffering under the Communist Regime.


Mill Valley Festival is well acclaimed as one of the best films festival in the United States.  Other than movies, there are famous guest actors and actresses and world-renowned musician who grace us with their presence within a weeks time here in Marin County. Not only are these well chosened award-winning films shown at The Lark , they may be shown at the Christopher B Smith theater in San Rafael, the Sequoia in Mill Valley, and the Fairfax theater in Fairfax California. Seeing the film in the classic Lark theater has me reminisce of the days gone by. One of my favorite actors Aaron Eckhart is coming to speak to a crowd of people. Hopefully I can buy tickets to see him.  

After watching “The last Dalai Lama,” it put me in perspective. I am inspired and on my path to sit, be still and meditate so I feel centered again.

Link to “The Last Dalai Lama” trailer:




Eat At The Best Thai Restaurant in Marin

There are many Thai restaurants in Marin County and my favorites is a restaurant at the Strawberry Village Shopping Center called Thep Lela Thai. Jenny, my waitress recommended many items in the menu particulary the sliced barbecue pork loin marinated with honey. Marinated in sweet-and-sour plum sauce, this savory BBQ pork is a favorite with the locals of the area. Furthermore, Thep Lela Thai’s chefs always prepares their food with beautifully  garnished  vegetables which only enhances your culinary  experienced.  which on only ience t garnished their food because it adds to the culinary experience.

"The Best BBQ Pork in Marin County, North of San Franciscot!"
“The Best BBQ Pork in Marin County, North of San Franciscot!”

Thep Lela Thai is tucked behind Strawberry Village in the town of Mill Valley….. right off Highway 101. It is past Sausalito on the way to the wine country. Mill Valley is the next town down after Sausalito which you will see as soon as you drive through the Golden gate Bridge.

a_010Our waitress Jenny described to me some of the favorite foods the locals eat from the menu which includes:

the mild yellow curry 

hot green curries

The yellow and green curries are the favorites but you can always order mild, medium or hot.

The last time I was here for lunch, I had the pad basil (spicy) chicken basil garlic chili sauce with mixed vegetable. In both occasions brown rice was served which look more life  wild rice to me. I will certainly order it time and time again.

Indeed, please order the pad basil mixture of tofu, chicken, pork, beef, praws, calamari or duck  and seafood combo. Its one of the best in the menu.

In addition, Jenny asked the manager of Thep Lela Thai to speak to me  because I wanted to gather more the history of this 40-year-old restaurant.

 Other foods that are recommended by Jenny on the menu includes the following:

Duck salad is favorite. The papaya salad is just as good specially for a vegetarian. The mango salad is not as good in this time of year because mango is out of season. The mango is too sour and salty.

Jennifer also recommends Yum Yai another favorite which include prawns, chicken, lettuce tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped peanuts with house dressing. Creamy dressing are drizzled on the prawns and chicken which is placed on top of the lettuce.

As for soup Tom Ka is the favorite. It is  a coconut soup with mushrooms, cilantro, onions. You have a choice of chicken and tofu…

Please note that a choice of the chicken, vegetable or beef is the basis for all the salad, soup or entrees presented on this menu.

As far as appetizers, Jennifer recommends the tuna wasabe, chicken satay and the fresh roll which is all vegetable.

In addition to the regular menu, there is the chef special which the local loves to order again and again. The mango snapper, lamb rack and the Penang beef (medium) from the regular menu ranks up there, too.

This is as good as it gets for a Thai food and has won awards for their restaurant.



Making New Friends at San Francisco’s Octoberfest

Are you looking for a great way to have fun in the San Francisco Bay Area during the month of September?  Want to be around a great group of international folks who live in the area, or are just visiting from Germany maybe?  Well Octoberfest might be just for you…

 To take in the event I decided to volunteer at an Oktoberfest allowing me to experience the festivities/atmosphere and not bust the bank in doing so. So my partner and I served beer to thirsty, and sometimes overly thirsty Octoberfesters! 

We had a great time making people happy by giving them a little bit more than they asked for.  They might have expected a beer with a inch of foam head, instead we gave them a poured beer with ice cold Spaten Beer all the way to the top of the Stein.  When your thirsty, and the event revolves around beer, a smile will appear with this type of unexpected end result.


This is the 5th year in a row I’ve Volunteered to this Late September, celebrating October and the harvest event.  It’s a simplified definition, but the real origination and history of the Annual event heald for about a two week period in Munich Germany from Late September to about the first week in October :



Back to the Oktoberfest in San Francisco, and the 3 day event held at Pier 48 San Francisco Ca., when on Saturday September 24th, 2016 my boyfriend and I finished our shift, we then were transitioned to normal guests with beer privileges.  This year we met some vundabar Frau and Frauleins within this most happy affair.


The Oompah band was phenomenal as they played their homeland music but my favorite song was their toast on an hourly basis, as well as the Chicken Dance tossed in for good measure.



What a way to distress yourself after a long week at work, or just getting to the heart of the matter of a good party to celebrate this Yearly German tradition.

My partner and I enjoyed not only the socialization process as we served a happy lot when we first arrived… but later as we immersed ourselves within the croud it seamed that regardless of age or nationality, it was quite a swinging dance celebration and party hearty till the clock struck midnight.


The best part of it all for us besides the fun and excitement of interacting with the crowd, was the random luck of meeting some actual German ladies in their suitcase packed beautiful and authentic Oktoberfest costumes.  They were so cute and proud to discuss how their costumes were different and we all agreed better than some of the more provocative Oktoberfest Wear that was being worn by more local folks.  Very stylin…


So we partook in an International Event like Oktoberfest to just get a little of the worldly feel.  Instead we were having an engageing conversation with 4 people traveling for 3 weeks in the United States, and just stopping into Oktoberfest because otherwise they would miss the event entirely within their home country.  Now we have Authentic German friends from Dusseldorf, who have invited us visit them for the real Oktoberfest in Munich! 


The connections can be Lifelong…forever friends in Facebook or the beginning steps towards a World Tour to the land Germany and of these beautiful people.


Eat Cioppino and Beef Ravioli Bolognese at Trattoria Cattaneo, Santa Rosa, California



Nesetled at 2700 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa, my partner and I had lunch at Trattoria Cattaneo. We were extremely happy at this restaurant find…and through Travel Zoo. Even without a discount you will be satisfied with the delicious food this restaurant has to offer.




Our waiter Richardo was exceptional with an Italian flare. He recommended what’s special in their menu.I had the Seafood Cioppino which included a rich thick blend of prawns, bay shrimp, scallops, calamari, clams, mussels and crab meat in spicy tomato base soup. My partner ordered the Beef Ravioli Bolognese which is beef stuffed ravioli in their homemade wine meat sauce…Many of the ingredients in their pasta and sauces are fresh homemade daily in their kitchen. I’ve never tasted so many delightful Italian dishes which melted in your mouth.


tratcat8 tratcat7


The service was impeccable as well. Ricardo was charming and attentive as we  questioned him about the history, food, and the selection. Ricardo had to leave because his shift was over but the dinner waiter  and busboy were just as attentive and friendly.  I have to admit that it was one of the best Italian dining experienced We will definitely come back. 



Groove To The Music of Lorin Rowan… One of Our Favorite Local Bands in Fairfax, California

Fairfax, as you know, is known for being  Grateful Dead’s home and the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority. It boast an excellent community grocery called Good Earth. The hub bub of this quaint town. Located 3.25 miles (5.2 km) west-northwest of San Rafael is on the main road…..Bolinas Avenue in downtown Fairfax is filled with local restaurants and bars. I highly recommend this local brewing company which show talented musicians for free every Wednesday night.  The beers has an excellent taste and some has won awards…   We pampered ourselves by listening to the beat of Lorin Rowan, local artist.  Lorin performed the music of ‘Rattlebox’ featuring his finger pickin’ acoustic roots/Americana in folk/rock and world music.


 Lorin is known as one of the best band we hire for our house concerts. Being a meet up organizer for the last 9 years, I have chosen many of the musical venues to post on my Music Live North Bay Meet Up. Hosting an event and blogging about the places and activities for our group to attend has its perks… Not only do I experience these events with my social meet ups, I will blog about these music afficionados.
I find  “Meet Up”  an excellent way to create community. Bringing a group of singles together who want to make new friends, established old ones or find a partner, is a good way to socialize and  pamper yourself after a gruelling day at work.

Kayaking the shores of Sausalito, CA

Had a meet up today in Sausalito with my new member Sana.. What a great time.. What a way to pamper yourself at the end of the week. What a beautiful day to kayak and have brunch at Fred’s with my boyfriend Mark and my new friend Sana.. It was just the right thing to do after hours and hours of courses to help me develop my travel blog and sell on Amazon….
Being around the nature and the healing waters of the bay helped calm my own body of water!… It’s been so wonderful to have great service from the staff of Sea Trek in Sausalito.. Not only are they very friendly and accomodating, they will give a short kayaking instruction for your group before you go out to shore… A good thing especially for beginning kayakers..The ocean was perfect ….very calm …. Afterwards go to Fred’s for breakfast. Walking distance from Sea Trek, breakfast is delicious ..portions are big enough to split for two people…. and Fred’s has been around .. for 50 years!!!!!
…make sure you try “The Benedicts”… the regular Egg Benedict and the Salmon with spinach..and the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes… ..YUMMYLICIOUS!