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    1. Hello Lady Di,
      Looking forward blogging on this site. My trips coming up that I intend to post on Pampered traveler will include Scotland, France and Italy. Hope you and Richard can join me in discovering these countries in June.

    1. Hi Joao,
      Hope you and Mg are doing well. Will be blogging about the SF Bay Area, The Monterey Peninsula, Northern California, Oregon, Washington,Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Toronto, NOva Scotia, Vancouver and Victoria British Colombia, Canada, Paris, Versailles, Auberge, Giverny, and Provin, France, The Philippines, Nikita, Japan, and Singapore….Stay Tune… Working on the eguides and ebooks ..!!! Happy Travelers..Jocee

    1. Definitely Lady Di… Mark says hello.. Hope you and Richard are doing well. Just glad you are strong and healthy again. I will be developing this website as well as my other website called “The Pampered Goddesses,” which is exclusively a travel blog for our ladies. I will have travel tips, travel guides and affiliate links to help ladies get most out of travelling domestically and internationally. Miss you young lady…

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