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Hi my name is Jocee, Founder of “The Pampered Travelers.” My message is for anyone interested in pampering their souls on a budget.  The experiences and adventures I cover on this blog cover pampering yourself ambitious Worldly Trekking to just Pampering yourself on weekend adventure in our own backyard and  across town. Regardless of your  intentions to Travel regularly, many of you end up working Nose to the Grindstone, 9 to 5, and sometimes 6 to 7 days a week. For a Full Life, Traveling needs to be a priority, and Pampering is just a way of going about Travel Intentionally.
My message is for those who are going life changes and would like to travel by taking a break,  regenerate, feel centered, and give yourself that much needed break to replenish their spirit.  I would like to help.
I believe that integrating your mind, body, and spirit is very important to feel whole again. Travel can certainly be that catalyst to rejuvenate your spiritual being.  I believe in the personal process of “Simple Random Acts Of Pampering” is alive and well.
Join me on my Pampered Journals (chronicled throughout this site), and travel with me through my Pampered Travel Guides.
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