Volunteer at Octoberfest in San Francisco and made new friends to visit in Dusseldorf, Germany


Are you looking for a fun way to have fun in the San Francisco Bay Area during the month of September and you want to be around a great group of international people who live in the area, or are just visiting from Germany maybe?  Well Octoberfest might be just for you…

 To take in the event I decided to volunteer at an Oktoberfest allowing me to experience the festivities/atmosphere and not bust the bank in doing so. So my partner and I served beer to thirsty, and sometimes overly thirsty Octoberfesters! 



We had a great time making people happy by giving them a little bit more than they asked for.  They might have expected a beer with an inch of foam head, instead we gave them a poured beer with ice cold Spaten Beer all the way to the top of the Stein.  When your thirsty, and the event revolves around beer, a smile will appear with this type of unexpected end result.


This is the 5th year in a row I’ve Volunteered to this Late September, celebrating October and the harvest event.  It’s a simplified definition, but the real origination and history of the Annual event held for about a two week period in Munich Germany from Late September to about the first week in October : 


 Back to the Oktoberfest in San Francisco, and the 3 day event held at Pier 48 San Francisco Ca., when on Saturday September 24th, 2016 my boyfriend and I finished our shift, we then were transitioned to normal guests with beer privileges.  This year we met some vundabar Frau and Frauleins within this most happy affair.


 The Oompah band was phenomenal as they played their homeland music but my favorite song was their toast on an hourly basis, as well as the Chicken Dance tossed in for good measure.

What a way to distress yourself after a long week at work, or just getting to the heart of the matter of a good party to celebrate this Yearly German tradition.

My partner and I enjoyed not only the socialization process as we served a happy lot when we first arrived… but later as we immersed ourselves within the crowd it seamed that regardless of age or nationality, it was quite a swinging dance celebration and party hearty till the clock struck midnight.

Good Times at the Octoberfest in San Francisco on September 214th, 2016
Good Times at the Octoberfest in San Francisco on September 214th, 2016





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